Liam Strain

Wide ranging Experience

Over the years, I've done a lot of different types of projects, for a lot of different types of clients. Everything from logos, marketing materials, advertising, tradeshow booths, email marketing, websites, UI/UX, multimedia...the works.

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About me

I wear many hats...

Both figuratively, and literally (fedoras, mostly).
Liam Strain

I am a lead/senior level art director with management experience, and extensive print and interactive chops. I have wide ranging experience in everything from consumer goods and packaging, through corporate identity, brand management, rich media, and trade-show environment design. I solve problems, and use my experience and 'hat collection' to help find solutions quickly and in budget.

Why I Design

I didn't come to design through the most usual pathway. My degree is in English literature (and a bunch of other things). However, I did paint and photograph. One day I was asked, as "an art guy" to do a lecture poster. I enjoyed the process of doing so, both the technical challenges and working with the client. I loved seeing complex ideas reduced to elegant expressions and clearly communicated. I loved holding the finished product in my hands, smelling the fresh ink and feeling the paper...

I still do.

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PDF file of my most current resumé.
Suggested uses: paper airplanes, party favors, placemats, wobbly table shims, solving design problems.

Client list available on request.

Other things about me...

I collect hobbies - painting, photography, reading, writing, gardening, cooking, collecting things (vintage cameras, vintage pocket knives, antique pocket watches). I like pipes and cigars, and hats...I love music, singing, playing the piano and fiddle. I like to build tube amplifiers, and designing speakers and other audio equipment. I enjoy fly fishing, camping, and making things by hand...the list really does go on.

  • Brings an attention to detail and a passion for quality to every project that he touched.

    — J. Isbell, Art Director —
  • His skills and creativity as well as his willingness to share his knowledge were invaluable to the team and reflected in the design materials.

    — M. Towne, Graphic Designer —
  • One of the most talented and creative guys I have had the privilege of working with.

    — J. Limp, Vice President - Marketing—


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